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Kats Morbid World And Other Short Stories

and who knows what elce

Lady Draven
19 November
Just puttin around life...trying to figure it out just enuff so that I dont fall off the world and scrape my knee.......

Waiting patiently to get married to my good ol southern boy Dravengodvamp ....

expecting a little one any day now can't wait to meet him/her.....

and if ya wanna hear me whine alot or rant and rave about a bunch of crap....or go on for hours about how great my guy is then maybe this journal wont bore you to tears...haha but if your expecting more ya better go reaaaad something elce...

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User Number: 1251429
Date Created:2003-08-12
Number of Posts: 113

Kat is a big cry baby who likes to be way to openionated...She thinks that her ideas are the right ideas...and is way to pigheaded to listen to your ideas....
Strengths: Big mouth, Stands on a soap box, Wants to rule the world.
Weaknesses: Can't Remember anything, So dont ask her to try
Special Skills: whiping noses, changing diapers, writing Way to much crap in her live journal.
Weapons: Quick witted Smart assed Mouth, Teeth, Evil Eye.
enemys: Other Mothers. Boyfriends Ex's. most women who played wiht barbies as a young child.

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